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Suffolk Pasture Topper

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Suffolk Pasture Topper

Safety in design:  A shear bolt is built in to the PTO shaft on the tractor end for gear box protection.

Easy adjustment:  A linch pin and collars on the solid rear wheel make height adjusment quick and easy.

Direct drive: The topper works by direct drive from the gearbox to a single blade with a removable flicher blade on each end.

Ease of use: Chains from the ‘A’ frame to the rear of the machine allow the topper to float over rough ground.

Low Maintenance: Designed with low maintenance and running costs in mind.

Instruction book and spare shear bolts included.


  • Safe – Fully guarded
  • Strong – British built design by J E Graham
  • Simple to use & adjust – no spanners required
  • Variety of sizes – 4′, 5′, 6′

Variety of width sizes – 4′, 5′, 6′

This is an excellent and easy to use and maintain machine. My rough paddocks are now beautifully mown & the grass is much improved. The topper even with my small tractor cuts long grass and weeds with ease. Having a direct drive gearbox rather than belts which quickly wear is a great design. Highly recommended product” – Mr Marson. Valley Farm, Suffolk